Diamond Jim Brady (1856-1927)

Born August 12,1856 in New York City, James Buchanan Brady was a financier and philanthropist noted for his lavish lifestyle, fondness for ostentatious jewelry and enormous appetite.

As an extremely successful salesman for the New York Central Railroad., he drew large commissions and was soon a multimillionaire. As his wealth increased, so did his reckless generosity, penchant for the good life, and his display of clothes and jewelry. He handed out cash liberally and forgave debts freely. A lavish entertainer, frequently seen at the theater and luxuries clubs, he drew great attention with his diamond rings and jewelry and handed out $100 bills as tips. He rarely was seen in public without one of the his great gems prominently displayed, thus acquiring the name "Diamond Jim"

In 1912 he donated a fortune to John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Isaac's continues his tradition of generosity in introducing "Diamond Jim Brady Night"

Diamond Jim Brady Night

Served Monday & Tuesday Evenings 4:00-9:30pm


Oysters $.75 each
(served only with Diamond Jim Brady menu)
Diamond Jim loved orange juice, so to carry on his tradition we offer the following
A sparkling blend of champagne and orange juice
Hefty jigger of peach schnapps and orange juice
The Diamond Jim special: A frozen concoction of Triple Sec, white  CremeŽ De Cacao, cream and orange juice
Black Diamond Top Sirloin
12 oz. Center Cut
Hope Diamond Swordfish
A thick cut of Atlantic swordfish
The Family Jewels
Two jumbo shrimp and a chicken breast prepared scampi style over rice pilaf or linguini
In the spirit of "Diamond Jim's" generosity, the above items are served with delmonico potatoes, acorn squash, garden salad, rolls and butter, coffee and dessert.
"Diamond Jim donates this feast for only $14.95 ($100 tip is optional)

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